Southern California fender rollling/wheel fitment

Big thanks to AL (punk138) zilvia, great friend and got me really going in this rolling/fitment game
-been rolling fenders since 2008
-this blog will show work ive done, reviews, fitment issues, product reviews, etc...
name is AWDalbert on Nasioc and Zilvia
MxAlbert on
email address -
thanks for viewing

repairs/custom fender roller work

these damn fender rollers are beaten

eastwood fender roller just had an upper stripped bolt

the powered by max fender rolled has one stripped lower bolt

but I have been having a issue with it since day one

powered by max fender roller flexes too much for my comfort

so today we fixed that and made it a fixed low travel fender roller.

chopped the base plate so ne more setup time

ready to go to Joses

usung two support bars will eliminate the flex in the fender roller

welding it up using one industrial welder lol

cleaned up



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