Southern California fender rollling/wheel fitment

Big thanks to AL (punk138) zilvia, great friend and got me really going in this rolling/fitment game
-been rolling fenders since 2008
-this blog will show work ive done, reviews, fitment issues, product reviews, etc...
name is AWDalbert on Nasioc and Zilvia
MxAlbert on
email address -
thanks for viewing

quick preview of hellaflush 8 (2011)

first off I'd like to start off by saying thanks to all the supporters, friends, customers
that went out and represented me,it really means alot. wrong fitment crew was supporting in full. the event was great as always mass numbers of cars all good stuff.

thanks Ronnie for snapping shot

RJT photography for those that dont know, full feature coming up

but for now I'll leave you with a teaser

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Hemraj said...

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Rob said...

I'm still waiting for the rest of these pics ;-) :lol:

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